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Dr. Jones: A Remarkable Journey of Faith and Leadership

Dr. Jones' incredible journey of faith and leadership has been nothing short of extraordinary. Born in the vibrant city of Charleston, West Virginia, and raised in the thriving community of Columbus, Ohio, he embodies the spirit of resilience and determination.

His educational journey is a testament to his commitment to knowledge and spiritual growth. Dr. Jones attended Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary, where he earned an Associate of Arts Degree. He later pursued his passion for theology at the same institution, culminating in the achievement of a Bachelor of Sciences Degree. His thirst for wisdom didn't stop there; he went on to earn a Master's Degree in theological studies, a Master's Degree in Christian Ministries, and the pinnacle of his academic accomplishments, a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Strategic Leadership from Faith Evangelical Seminary in Tacoma, Washington.

The start of his pastoral journey was marked by a momentous occasion when he delivered his first sermon on August 20, 1980. His calling was affirmed as he was licensed and ordained under the guidance of the late Reverend James E. Milton of Southern Baptist Church, where he dedicated nine fruitful years as the Assistant Pastor.

Dr. Jones' commitment to his community and his faith extended far beyond the pulpit. He has served as an esteemed officer of the Baptist Ministers Conference and assumed the role of Moderator of the Cincinnati Missionary Baptist District Association. As a testament to his dedication to philanthropy, he has been a valued member of various organizations, including the NAACP, the board of the Cincinnati Community Action Agency, the Queen City Foundation, and the Red Cross. He also humbly served as the Assistant Chaplain at Children's Hospital.

His contributions have not gone unnoticed. Dr. Jones has been honored with prestigious awards, including the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award in Religion, presented through the Auspices of the Ohio Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Commission, and the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio's 'Glorifying the Lion' Award. In 2021, he was bestowed with the Rob Portman Leadership Award by Prevention First, solidifying his reputation as a beacon of leadership and service. Most recently, in 2023, he was honored by the Talbert House with the Community Service Award, recognizing his invaluable leadership and exceptional service to our community, further highlighting his dedication to making a positive impact.

For the past twenty-nine years, Dr. Jones has been the devoted shepherd of The Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, where he has guided and inspired his congregation with unwavering faith and vision. In addition to his pastoral duties, he currently holds several influential positions, including the role of President of the Ohio Baptist State Convention Congress of Christian Education, where a scholarship has been named in his honor. Since the inception of the scholarship, the state convention has awarded over $100,000 in scholarships and distributed laptops and tablets. He also currently serves as President and active member of the Avondale Coalition of Churches, and dedicated member of the African American Engagement Workgroup (AAEW) where he serves as co-leader of the partnering churches.

Beyond his remarkable career, Dr. Jones finds strength and love in his family. He is happily married to Michelle West-Jones and is the proud father of three accomplished children: Dr. Angela Jones, Danielle (Wesley) Burgess, and Reverend Donald (Tracey) Jones Jr. His joy extends to his role as a cherished grandfather to two granddaughters, Francesca and Olivia Michelle, and one grandson, Armando.

Dr. Jones's life is a testament to his unyielding commitment to faith, leadership, and community service. His journey continues to inspire and uplift all who have the privilege of knowing him, and his legacy will undoubtedly shine brightly for generations to come.

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